30 day ideation challenge

A personal challenge to make good ideas happen

🏁 Challenge

Over the years, many people approached me to discuss their visions, ideas, and projects. I have only recently internalised that I have a penchant for taking complex matters and deconstructing them into parts that are easier to understand. Heck, even my job as a UX designer is about doing that.

That is why I have decided to hone that skill further by challenging you – my dear friends, acquaintances, and online strangers – to finally take that idea you’ve been sitting on for years and talk with me about it.

Every weekday of December, I will spend an hour and a half discussing someone’s idea or a project.

💡 What ideas and projects?

I want to help you make your dream a bit more tangible – personal business, an app, service, website, platform, product, research, book, performance. Your goal may be to make money, help others, help yourself, change the world, make art, or have fun.

So anything goes within reason, of course. I can’t help you with the implementation details of your ML algorithm or formula for your particle physics breakthrough. However, I can discuss the societal impacts of them or help you create a strategy for communicating your ideas to a broader audience.

🧙🏼 Why talk to me?

Over the years, I’ve dwelled in many fields. I tend to have a basic sense of state of the art in many fields and areas. My core expertise is in new technologies and information sciences. I also know a lot about personal psychology and social sciences. Even if I won’t understand your subject matter in-depth, I can help you relate it to other areas and point you in the right direction for further research.

Feel free to browse around this website to learn more about me and my work.

🎁 What to expect?

Our meeting’s primary goal is to give you clarity and make it easier to plan your work. I will hear your idea or project and then help you deconstruct it into digestible chunks and offer different ways of looking at it. Depending on the type of project, I might advise you on possible next steps or suggest methods, materials, and tools.

(To be 100% clear. I will not directly help you execute your idea or make something for you. I will facilitate the ideation, the initial planning, and provide relevant materials for your project. If we hit it off great, we may end up collaborating more closely.)

📋️ Format

Before meeting

  • You schedule a meeting slot
  • You fill out a short brief, so I have some context


  • We hop on a call together on the set time
  • We discuss your project or idea for 1.5 hours

After meeting

  • I will send you relevant materials and contacts
  • I will follow up with you in the coming months to see how you are progressing
  • We stay in touch

🤭 Disclosure

We won’t be signing an NDA or entering any formal agreement. If you tell me you don’t want me to share your project with anyone, I will honor your wish to the best of my abilities. You will have to take my word for it.

🚀 Sounds good?

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Written, designed and developed by Ilja Panić