Ilja Panić

Technologist & Product Designer

Ilja Panić

My work typically fits under the umbrellas of UX and interface design, product development and programming. But I'm a generalist at heart, so most titles and disciplines seem fickle and fleeting.

At the end of the day, I love tinkering with new technologies and exploring our individual and collective relationships with them. I'm passionate about the web as a medium and love crafting experiences on it. I've been at it for 10+ years now.

I started off as a frontend developer at agencies, followed by a few years of freelancing – mostly building brochure websites and consulting early-stage startups on UX strategy.

Then I've spent some time doing product design at medium-sized SaaS companies and leading a UX team at one of the largest consumer cybersecurity companies.

Now, I'm building the tech behind Converge – a platform for facilitating collaboration and information exchange between people and organizations in impact and climate space.

Academically, I have a background in informatics, information management, smart cities & urban analytics, and digital fabrication. I still have a penchant for obscure academic genres such as media ecologies, digital anthropology, interspecies cybernetics or tools for thought. I will probably end up back in academia at some point in my life.

I'm currently based back home in Prague, Czech Republic after many years of living abroad.