Hi, I'm Ilja

A spaceship Earth utopist, cyberflaneur and design technologist


I’ve been making on the web for 10+ years. I’ve started by hacking together WordPress sites, back when editing a live website over an unsecured FTP connection seemed like a good idea.

My first proper job was as a front-end developer at an agency. With time, I was naturally gravitating towards the broader field of design. Probably due to its psychological and cultural connotations. After several stints at agencies, I’ve freelanced for a few years — mostly delivering end-to-end brochure websites and consulting early-stage startups with information architecture and UX strategy.

For the past 2.5 years I’ve been focused on product design, mostly in the SaaS space and more recently in the field of consumer cybersecurity.

Academically, I have a background in informatics, information management, urban analytics, and digital fabrication. I’m fascinated with sociotechnical systems and how they mediate our collective psyche.

I like exploring ideas around tools for thought, media ecologies and interspecies cybernetics.

Written, designed and developed by Ilja Panić