Hi, I'm Ilja.

I'm a technologist designing at the intersection of cyberspaces, cultures and eco-speculations


I’ve been making on the web since 2010. I’ve worked as a developer for agencies, consulted startups with their business strategies, and designed experiences for various clients. Over the years, I’ve studied informatics, information management, urban analytics, and digital fabrication at different institutions across Europe.

I’m fascinated with sociotechnical systems and how they mediate our collective psyche. The leitmotif of my practice revolves around emergent technologies, information architecture, knowledge management, interaction design, and phenomenology of perception.

Currently, I work at Memsource where I’m responsible for Information Architecture, UX, and DesignOps. Outside of work, I meddle with digital fabrication and establishing online communities that revolve around emergent technologies and eco-speculation. Occasionaly, I give talks and run workshops.

Email me at iljapanic@gmail.com for a full résumé

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