Course1 semester

Navigating emergent socio-technical systems

The course introduces students to the complexity of the emergent technological landscapes and their sociocultural implications. Lectures focus on the breadth of knowledge and finding relationships between systems while the workshops give students practical hands-on skills with operating modern tools.

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Course structure

1. Identification

CRITICAL - identifying contemporary problems

  • Synthetic reality
  • VR, AR, ER, CGI
  • Fake news
  • Information overload
  • Environmental destruction
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Crisis of meaning
  • AI, surveillance, power shifts

2. Application

CONSTRUCTIVE - present ways to address the problems + practical workshops for learning the fundamentals

  • from industrial to circular
  • digital fabrication
  • planet-first design

3. Reflection

CREATIVE - reflect and speculate about better futures

  • speculation workshop
  • solution / social innovation / business model workshop


  • Crisis of meaning and sense-making in the information age - fake news, information overload, spiritual crisis
  • The rise of the machines - AI, data and quantum computing
  • Cyborgs and engineered humanity - Biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry and health
  • Techno-politics and new tools of oppression - Surveillance, manipulation, modern warfare, algorithmic power and oversight
  • Planet-first design and neo-tribal ways of living - Ecology, energy, sustainability and shifting consumption trends
  • Simulacrum and living in a Matrix - Synthetic media, VR, AR, deep fakes, generative GAN networks, reality blending
  • From Fab Labs to houses and human organs - ****3D printing, new materials, architecture, and digital fabrication, from industrial to circular
  • Life beyond Earth - Deep space exploration, colonization of other planets, politics of outer-space
  • New media art - Installations, projections and other creative technology expressions
  • Deep web and blockchain - Crypto, hacking and cybersecurity
  • Extended cognition and psychedelic renaissance - The nature of the human mind and collective consciousness
  • Self-improvement and information dieting - Personal knowledge management and organizing your daily life

Written, designed and developed by Ilja Panić