Drowning in AI Generated Garbage: the silent war we are fighting [my annotated version]

The robot invasion started 15 years ago, mostly unnoticed. We were expecting killing robots, we didn’t realise we were drowned in AI generated garbage. We will never fight laser wearing Terminators. Instead, we have to outsmart algorithms which are making us dumb enough to fight one against the other.

Time to enter into resistance, to fight back by being and acting like decent human beings. Disconnect. Go outside. Start human discussions. Refuse to take for granted “what was posted on the Internet”. Meet. Touch. Smell. Build local businesses. Flee from monopolies. Refuse to quickly share and like things on your little brainwired screen. Stop calling a follower number “you community” and join small online human communities. Think.

A thread by @vakibs arguing that AI will result in further concetration of power.

A lot of criticism of AI is missing the point and diverted into silly tropes. What we need to discuss: 1) Massive concentration of power. 2) Ability to infiltrate every economic & political activity and run psyops at scale. 3) The disenfranchisement of human labour & creativity.

Is it really democratization when the vast majority of humans have zero capability to program the AI, inspect the datasets or underlying latent spaces, or make private copies for their use. What we have is a massive concentration and display of power.

A thread by @json_dirs looking at potential dire implications of algorithmic governance and economy boosted by generative AI.

gpt3 is going to make the world unlivable so quickly. we already have ghost kitchens and dropshipping, adversarial swarms of bots fine tuned on stock market data hallucinating entire industries against each other with remotely operated human labor are literally inevitable.

this is much worse than “AI coming to take your job” where we imagined “low skill” jobs going first. this is “AI coming to take your boss.” Remote work and algorithmic management are very real, what does the hallucinatory economy look like? !/

Written, designed and developed by Ilja Panić