Digital Gardening

A garden is a collection of evolving ideas that aren't strictly organised by their publication date. They're inherently exploratory – notes are linked through contextual associations. They aren't refined or complete - notes are published as half-finished thoughts that will grow and evolve over time. They're less rigid, less performative, and less perfect than the personal websites we're used to seeing.

A digital garden is an online space at the intersection of a notebook and a blog, where digital gardeners share seeds of thoughts to be cultivated in public. Contrary to a blog, where articles and essays have a publication date and start decaying as soon as they are published, a digital garden is evergreen: digital gardeners keep on editing and refining their notes.


A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks

How to set up your own digital garden

Other people’s gardens

Maggie Appleton’s digital garden

Andy Matuschak’s evergreen notes

Tom Critchlow’s wiki

Anne-Laure Le Cunff


Digital Gardening – Resources, links, projects, and ideas for gardeners tending their digital notes on the public interwebs

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