12 February 2021

Stop sharing your thougths and ideas on Facebook

I don’t want this to be another long-winded post about how social media is bad for you and companies running them are evil. We’ve heard this story so many times that .

This post is a reminder that Facebook is a closed system. This has severe long-term implications for our collective knowledge but also on us as individuals trying to make sense of the world.

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Why is this an issue?

it breaks the fundamental building block of an open web - hyperlinks

its all just a part of bottomless streams, like a TV constantly shouting at you.

It almost seems like it has been purposefully designed to make it difficult to retain and map knowledge being shared there.

Just consume what you are being served right now and don’t bother looking back to what you have already learned and forgotten.

Difficult to resurface content

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find something that you found interesting?

Sure, there is ‘Save’ function hasn’t been updated in years. It’s functionality is too basic and doesn’t allow for any sort of meaningful organization system. You just end up with a bunch of streams that are loosely tied to a certain topic — that is if you were not lazy to create collections.

Difficult to share

Makes it difficult to share outside Facebook.

You can’t save it or archive as a reference for later use. And integrate into your existing personal knowledge management workflow which we all have even if you might not call it that.

Where to publish your ideas?


even Twitter is somehow better


make your own website

Written, designed and developed by Ilja Panić