Selected academic texts

UCL 2017-2018

China’s all-seeing ‘Sharp Eyes’ 2018

The global smart city agenda enacted through ‘winner-take-all’ mechanisms of surveillance capitalism is characterised by significant information asymmetries and unequal power dynamics that are poised to widen social and economic inequalities further. This paper looks at China's expanding surveillance systems to illustrate some of the worrisome aspects of deploying ICT infrastructure in cities.

Critical Perspectives on Public Art & Innovation 2018

This paper reviews literature on public art. In the first part, it examines critical perspectives through a widely used categorization of public art as either large-scale reductionist projects or small-scale community-led initiatives. The paper then looks at methods for evaluating public art, followed by a discussion about the potential of public art to facilitate urban innovation.

(Not So) Smart City 2017

The paper examines the problematic aspects of the current smart city discourse driven primarily by business interests. It critically analyses underlying principles of the dominant data-driven smart city ideology and suggests an alternative vision of smart city based on citizen engagement.

CBS 2012-2015

Going Beyond HCI 2015

The paper looks at the history of design approaches and examines up-and-coming fields of human-information interaction and information design. It takes methods from those fields and applies them to analyzing information needs in the context of travel.